Laramie Personal Training Success Story: Holly Steinkraus

Laramie Personal Training Success Story: Holly Steinkraus

Laramie Personal Training Success Story Holly Steinkraus

This week’s “How We Transform” client spot light is on Holly Steinkraus who shares her success story about her experience and fitness journey using personal training, small group fitness classes, and nutrition coaching at Transforming Strength in Laramie, Wyoming. Success leaves clues so you aren’t going to want to miss this interview if you’re looking for the tools and strategies needed to help you improve your fitness and nutrition and move closer to your health goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter, feel better, get stronger, recover from injury or perform better, Holly’s personal training success story will give you insight into the types of challenges and struggles she faced and how we worked together to overcome them.

1. What was your fitness like before you started personal training or fitness classes at Transforming Strength?

Menopause hit. My waist was expanding. My legs were swelling. I wasn’t sleeping well, and I didn’t have the energy I used to. In a word, I felt blah. I considered myself an active person, but I wasn’t really fit. Something needed to change. It had been years since I had attended any kind of fitness class. After much pondering, the first step on my fitness journey started when I walked through the doors of Transforming Strength almost 3 years ago.

2. What problem(s) were you trying to solve with personal training or fitness classes?

In a nutshell, I wanted to become a healthier person. I wanted to shed some of the excess weight that had accumulated. I wanted to have more energy and sleep better, and I wanted decrease my cholesterol without medication.

3. Where did you start your search for a personal trainer or fitness class?

To be honest, I didn’t search for a personal trainer or fitness class. Transforming Strength found me. I started seeing ads on Facebook, and that piqued my interest. Someone I knew was doing personal training there, and her transformation was truly inspiring. We were about the same age and in similar stages of our lives. If she could do it, so could I!

4. What made Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes stand out from other options?

Transforming Strength had so many options that it was easy to get started on my fitness journey and adapt it along the way as I progressed. I really liked that they offered both personal training and small group fitness classes. When I walked through those doors, I didn’t feel I was ready for a group fitness class. I was starting from scratch and needed a strong foundation before I felt I could join in. I loved that I had an option to start with one-on-ones, tailored to ME. A month later, I had the confidence to join a small group class. Another way Transforming Strength stands out is in the nutritional coaching that is available. I naively thought I was doing a pretty good job with my nutrition when I started at Transforming Strength. Once I started following Matt’s nutritional advice and Eating on Purpose, everything started to click.

Personal Training Laramie Success Story Holly

5. Were there any obstacles that almost prevented you from starting personal training or fitness classes?

Three obstacles almost prevented me from starting my fitness journey – my lack of self-confidence when it came to my fitness abilities, my fear of trying something new, and my already tightly packed schedule. I honestly didn’t think I could complete the workouts, and between working full time and being a small business owner, when was I going to find the time? (Answer = you MAKE the time.)

6. What features of Transforming Strength sold you on getting started with personal training or fitness classes?

I liked that Matt was all about safety. Class sizes were kept small so Matt could keep a watchful eye on everyone’s form. Ultimately, Matt’s vast experience, professionalism, and encouraging coaching style sealed the deal.

7. How long have you been using Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

I walked through the doors 3 years ago!

8. What has made you the happiest about working with Transforming Strength?

I am taking control of a part of my life, and that makes me pretty darn happy! I also really enjoy everyone at Transforming Strength. We share our joys and our struggles and offer each other support both in and out of the gym. Seeing their smiling faces every day makes me smile. The camaraderie we have is pretty special.

9. What have you been able to achieve since you started personal training or fitness classes?

I have achieved so many things since starting my fitness journey at Transforming Strength. I’ve learned to set goals and push myself outside of my comfort level, and along the way, I’ve become more physically and mentally fit. I’ve lost quite a bit of the weight that had been accumulating around my middle, and I’ve built up muscle. My cholesterol is no longer “high”. I’ve become more in tune with my body and what it is truly capable of. I’m gaining a mind-muscle awareness I didn’t have before. I’m feeling the stretches more and am learning to embrace being uncomfortable as it’s part of the process to increasing strength. I’m also controlling my breathing better than I ever have, and I find myself reaching for my rescue inhaler less and less.

Transforming Strength Personal Training Success Story Holly

10. What has Transforming Strength done to exceed your expectations?

Matt has done something no one has done before – he’s somehow made me enjoy working out! I actually enjoy getting up at 4:15am for my 5am classes! If I need to miss a class, I do my best to squeeze in an at-home workout (designed by Matt) so I stay on top of my game. It just doesn’t feel right if I skip a day. About a year ago, I added in Saturday morning HIIT workouts (once again, designed by Matt), and those have been crucial in building up my endurance.

11. What’s the main reason you recommend Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

I recommend Transforming Strength because of the individualized attention I receive each and every day. The group classes are small (class size is capped at 6) so Matt can constantly wander around and watch us train. He ensures our form is optimal for our safety and for maximal effectiveness. He takes time to coach us on why we are doing a particular exercise/movement. He explains what we should be feeling, and where. If you have physical limitations, he incorporates modifications, and works to strengthen your weaknesses. As you progress on your fitness journey, he tweaks some of the moves to make them more challenging. It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger! I like how it’s not all about how many reps you can get, it’s about feeling the stretch, feeling the contractions, and getting the most out of every move. This mantra has bled into my day-to-day life – take the time to feel things and get the most you can out of whatever you do.

12. What surprised you the most about personal training or fitness classes at Transforming Strength?

To be honest, each and every day is a surprise at Transforming Strength. Why? Because we never do the same workout twice. Never. You never know what exercises you’ll be doing or the equipment you will use until you walk in the door, and I like that. It keeps our training fresh. I am also surprised by how much of what I learn inside the gym affects my life outside of the gym. I have gained not only physical strength but mental toughness as well. I feel empowered and have more confidence than ever before. The world is my oyster!

Holly Steinkraus Laramie Personal Training Success Story at Transforming Strength

13. What advice would you give someone who’s considering Transforming Strength for personal training or fitness classes?

Don’t be afraid to take that first step through the door. It’s the hardest one. Once inside, you’ll find the most knowledgeable and professional coach in town who will guide you along the way, keeping you safe and offering lots of encouragement. Remember we all start somewhere. Everyone at Transforming Strength is on their own personal fitness journey. It’s never too late to start yours. Do this for you. You are worth it.

14. Has there been anything Transforming Strength could have done differently?

Weekly mace bell slams! J

15. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

Thanks to my training at Transforming Strength, I am stronger and leaner than ever before. I can truly say that today, I am in the best shape I’ve been in my entire life. Of course, that will change tomorrow, when TOMORROW I will be in the best shape I’ve been in my entire life! No, I’m not training for any specific race/event, I am training for life…..and I’m in it for the long haul.

Personal Training Success at Transforming Strength in Laramie

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