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Small Group Fitness Classes in Laramie, WY

If you’ve been searching for life-changing fitness classes in Laramie WY, you’ve come to the right place!

Small Group Strength & Conditioning Fitness Classes in Laramie

Leave the crowds behind with Small Group Fitness Classes!

Fitness classes in Laramie, Wyoming can be overcrowded, rushed, and under-coached.

 Transforming Strength Small Group Fitness Classes focus on personalized & controlled adult strength & conditioning, as I coach you through every SAFE exercise imaginable.

Build healthy habits with the support, coaching attention, accountability and fun of fitness training with a small group of people just like you!

Fresh & Fun Classes

One of the keys to avoiding exercise burnout is variety so Transforming Strength fitness classes use a wide selection of training tools to include: body weight, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, sandbags, stability balls, bands, sleds, tires, bars, boxes, ropes, suspension straps, machines, ladders, cones, and the list goes on.

A wide variety of exercise styles and variations are also used in our small group setting to include straight sets, combinations, circuits of all types, tabata, intervals, etc. I have never (not once in 25+ years) repeated the same workout twice, which helps keep your mind fresh, your body challenged and you looking forward to your next training session!

Laramie fitness class members Love their training!

This is not your typical fitness class. Matt Hartsky does a fantastic job of creating supervised workouts. Always interesting, goal driven with a focus on technique and safety.
I am stronger and leaner than I have been in my entire life.

Laramie Gym Offering Small Group Fitness Classes

Chris, Class Member Since 2018

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Matt and Transforming Strength. I always ended up challenging myself to lift more. He only asks that I try and do my best. The small class sizes mean he is able to tell me how to use the correct form to get the most out of my workout.

Fitnes Classes Laramie WY

Madison, Class Member Since 2016

Matt’s training will transform you to be a stronger, healthier and more energized person. His enthusiasm and support during Transforming Strength  fitness classes keeps you safe and motivated. This is the best investment you can make for your health – in mind and body!

Strength and Conditioning Classes in Laramie Wyoming

Mary, Class Member Since 2014

Benefits of Transforming Strength Fitness Classes

Finding a fitness class in Laramie that keeps you safe with professional guidance and restricted size, allows you to train with a group of friendly, non-judgemental and like minded people, helps you to stay accountable and motivates you to follow through on your fitness commitments was just about impossible… until now!

Fitness Class in Laramie Wyoming

Getting fit can be challenging, and staying in top shape can be even tougher. People around Laramie force themselves into the gym everyday and often times end up putting themselves through the same boring, mindless workouts that they’ve been struggling through for years. Blind training quite often leads to injury and burnout. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, Transforming Strength has your wellness solution!

Fitness Classes at Transforming Strength in Laramie Wyoming

Professional Fitness Guidance

Let’s face it, when it comes to improving fitness, along with strength and conditioning in particular, there are very few folks who can honestly say they know exactly what they are doing and why. Training technique and programming is incredibly complex, because there are so many variables to consider. Say goodbye to the days of guessing about the exercises and training plan that will keep you safe and move you closer to your goals! I have more than 25 years of professional coaching experience to guide your small group fitness class with individual attention that is a “cut-above.”

Small Group Fitness Classes at Transforming Strength in Laramie Wyoming

Motivating Class Culture

Transforming Strength fitness classes WILL keep you motivated to workout. Training alone is hard when you’re tired and lacking motivation, but training with a coach, on purpose, and joined by others pushing towards their goals, encouraging one another, in a positive and energizing atmosphere, makes it far more likely you will work harder, burn more calories, make more progress, and have more fun in the process!

Small Group Fitness Classes in Laramie Wyoming at Transforming Strength

Built In Training Partners

When you join a fitness class with me at Transforming Strength, you will be training with other like-minded individuals that have similar goals and desires as you. There are no egos here, just a small group of (six maximum) friendly people focused on getting the most out of themselves and their class time. They are your training partners. This environment and atmosphere gives you the perfect opportunity to find your limits and push through them.

Laramie Fitness Classes at Transforming Strength

Accountability for Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever struggled with training alone, maybe even talking yourself out of working out because you’re tired? When you only have yourself to answer to it can be easy to convince yourself that you’ll “work out twice as hard tomorrow.” Before you know it, you’re derailed from you goals. When you join a fitness class at Transforming Strength, not only will you look forward to coming in for your personalized coaching, you will also end the days of letting yourself off the hook and be more likely to turn up, train hard, have fun, and improve your health.

A few more highlights that make Laramie fitness classes an exceptional value:

Small Limited Class Size

Class size is limited to a 6 on 1 client to coach ratio so you are sure to receive quality and personalized attention, while still enjoying the camaraderie of a small group of people just like you!

Coaching For Safety & Effectiveness

My priority is always on your safety, so I spend a great deal of time and patience coaching to ensure proper form and technique are used at all times, which also maximizes training effectiveness.

Any Age, Any Goal, Any Body

This class accommodates ALL fitness levels through highly educated and experienced coaching which allows for unlimited modification options.

Planned & Structured Training

Every class is planned in advanced and structured to help you move closer to your goals while building on prior training sessions.

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