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Personal Trainer in Laramie, Wyoming

Personal Training with  Coach Matt Hartsky

Personal Training, Fitness Classes, and Nutrition Coaching at Transforming Strength give you the chance to transform with the most experienced personal trainer in Laramie!

More importantly, you will get your very own professional COACH & fitness program that includes customized strength, conditioning, nutrition, and support to reach your goals faster. You may have had experience with a local personal trainer, but I will COACH you to learn safe & effective exercise technique, top level training methods and proven nutrition principles at your pace, at my private gym in Laramie.

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to have your own personal fitness trainer – I love working with a diverse range of clients, in person and all around the world online, who want to invest in their health, wellness, build a well rounded and capable body, and want to learn to love their training.

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Small Group Strength & Conditioning Fitness Classes in Laramie

Fitness Classes in Laramie

Adult Strength & Conditioning Fitness Classes in Laramie take place in my fully equipped and private gym. These training groups are my premier functional fitness class option for those looking to build well rounded strength and conditioning, while receiving top level fitness coaching and attention ensured by limited class size.

These planned and structured classes are considered small group “personal training” but we will move beyond the random workouts of the average personal trainer to provide you with many of the same benefits offered in my popular individual coaching, but at a much lower cost since you will share your training time with a few other like minded training partners.

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Nutrition Coaching in Laramie Specializing in Weight Loss

Nutrition Coaching in Laramie

Nutrition Coaching in Laramie Specializing in Weight Loss is designed for folks living in Laramie, Wyoming and around the world. I will guide you through the sea of nutrition mis-information and help you towards life-long eating success. I can help you cut fat for your weight loss goals, eating for athletics, and every nutritional goal in between!

My Eating On Purpose nutritional philosophy is built on proven eating strategies and backed by more than 25+ years of successful experience and work as a personal trainer & COACH for thousands of diverse clients. I believe this system can be adjusted for any situation and every goal, from healthy weight loss to providing balanced fuel and recovery for optomized athletic performance.

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Athlete Training & Sports Performance in Laramie

Athlete Training & Sports Performance

Athlete Training & Sports Performance in Laramie can be arranged for any sport specific focus.

Athlete assessment begins at age 8. I use decades of experience and education from several top level certifications to guide them with a focus on safety & minimizing their risk of injury, while building them to maximize their individual athletic potential.

I have successfully coached endurance athletes in running, track and field, triathlon, mountain bike, cycling, nordic skiing, and mountain climbing.

Likewise, bodybuilding & Physique athletes are also in my wheel house as I have successfull coached the categories of men’s physique and women’s figure and bikini.

Similarly, I have successfully trained team sport athletes from just about every individual and team sport out there.

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Online Personal Training & Remote Coaching

Online Personal Training & Remote Coaching

Online Personal Training & Remote Coaching is a cluttered marketplace, making it hard to decide on your best option. There are countless trainers who have little more than a six pack and an online certification.

If you’re looking for more, like a highly qualified personal trainer with decades of experience, you’ve come to the right place. From customized do-it-yourself personal training plans to all inclusive fully guided coaching via video, I have remote and online fitness programing options available to meet every strength, conditioning and nutrition coaching need.

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Transforming Strength Client Reviews, Testimonials and Success Stories

Transforming Strength Reviews

I’ve had the amazing privilege of working as a professional strength, conditioning and nutrition coach and personal trainer for thousands of wonderful people SINCE 1996. From athletes of all ages and sports, to general fitness clients wanting to get stronger, lose weight and feel better, and every goal in between, my list of success stories could go on and on.

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Personal Trainer Matt Hartsky Fitness Coach Laramie

Who is Coach Matt Hartsky?

“Since 1996, I have helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals, which gives me the experience to offer one of a kind fitness coaching services that are individualized and focused on YOU!

I have also spent decades as a learner in the fields of strength, conditioning and nutrition, as an athlete and coach, earning the most respected and highest level of coaching credentials available in order to provide you with the SAFEST & most EFFECTIVE coaching.

Transforming Strength is all about you, your needs, and goals. It is about taking you from where you are and helping you move closer to where you want to be. It is about helping you transform… physically, mentally, emotionally… into the best version of yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your goals and needs, and to learn more about how I can help you succeed.”
~ Coach Matt Hartsky, Owner, CSCS, PES, CPT

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Transforming Strength Specializes in Personal Training, Fitness Classes & Nutrition Coaching

Transforming Strength Highlights

SAFETY: I place your safety above all else & focus on helping you learn the best technique at all times.

SUPPORT: I do my best to be available to support you on your health & fitness journey 24/7.

ATTENTION: When you work with me I strive to make you feel like you are my one & only client.

PLANNING: Every training session is planned with intention. No guessing or random workouts.

KNOWLEDGE: 25+ years of experience, top level education & research to guide you down the best path.

ENVIRONMENT: I create a safe space where you can focus on pushing yourself without external distractions.

VISION: I see potential in everyone.

PASSION: I LOVE to build people up & celebrate your victories (big & small) as if they are my own!

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Transforming Strength Personal Training Tips

Personal Training Tips

The Personal Training Tips page is the place to check out articles and videos featuring my twenty five years of experience advice about fitness, nutrition, strength training, how to lose weight, and many, many more health and wellness topics.

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Healthy Recipes

The Healthy Recipes page is updated regualrly to provide you access to dozens of healthy & nutrient packed recipes that compliment my Eating On Purpose nutritional philosophy.

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Transforming Strength Podcast


Listen and learn how to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals with the Transforming Strength personal training podcast! Grab your earbuds, choose an episode and get Matt’s 25 years of fitness, nutrition, weightloss, and performance knowledge and experience straight to your ears!

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Transforming Strength on YouTube


Watch and learn about fitness, nutrition, weight loss, strength, building muscle, increasing mobility, boosting performance, safe & effective exercises, eating on purpose, and many, many more personal training topics in the Transforming Strength video library on YouTube!

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How We Transform: Personal Training Success Stories

How We Transform

Sometimes, you just need to hear another person’s perspective about overcoming their fears and struggles to lose weight, get healthy, improve their wellness, and move closer to their goals, so I have included a few of those success stories on the “How We Transform” page.

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