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Learn How to Eat On Purpose with Nutrition Coaching!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without the stress of eating? You’ve come to the right place!

I have specialized in helping clients master their food and learn how to eat on purpose since 1996!


Nutrition Therapy for Weight Loss & More!

Nutrition coaching is most often used for weight loss and performance goals, but is also important for all long term health and wellness goals. I have designed my nutrition counseling to be a guide and permanent lifestyle change. This Eating On Purpose philosophy that can be accessed by my clients in Laramie, Wyoming, who train at Transforming Strength, as well as those wanting to improve their health and performance around the world.

Realistic Nutrition Strategies That Work

My goal is to make eating on Purpose as realistic as possible for YOU!

I would love to see you STOP:
• Starving Yourself
• Eliminating Entire Food Groups
• Driving Yourself Crazy With Calories
• Exercising More Than Is Reasonable
• Struggling Alone

My role as your nutrition coach is to EMPOWER you to have the tools to control your eating habits, eliminate constant cravings, improve your energy and to live a balanced, healthy, vibrant life!

Here is what a few of my personal training and nutrition coaching clients have to say about their experience working with me on improving their eating habits:

There are not enough good things that I can say about Matt Hartsky. He has changed my life completely for the better and added more years to my life. The lessons I have gotten from Matt Hartsky will follow me for the rest of my life for better living. If you are ready to take on the challenge of better health, Matt is the man to call.


Matt has helped me reach goals I didn’t know I even wanted. It’s a great feeling to have a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to attending classes and personal training with Matt. He encourages me to move closer to and work harder towards my goals! Be committed, hold yourself to a higher standard and Matt will help you see results!


Matt is someone I want in my corner. The support he gives not only during workouts, but also answering every day questions and help with nutrition—that is priceless. Thanks to Matt, I have the confidence to control MY LIFE and I don’t worry about what other people think. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do for me.


What is Included with Nutrition Coaching?

Transforming Strength Nutrition Coaching is a systematic approach that will teach you how to Eat On Purpose for any goal, from weight loss to performance, and includes the following steps:

Nutrition Coaching in Laramie WY with Matt Hartsky


The first step in the nutrition coaching process is to meet with you for a private one hour class by phone, video chat, or at my office in Laramie, Wyoming. During this consult I will ask to learn more about your existing day to day eating habits, discuss your goals and any cahllenges you might be facing.

Nutrition Coaching in Laramie WY specializing in Weight loss Counseling


The next step will be outlining the prominent features of the Eating On Purpose philosophy that are most important to your situation; giving you the background and knowledge necessary to understand and use my nutrition recommendations.

Laramie Nutrition Coaching with Matt Hartsky


Based on the information I receive from you during your consultation, including your age, weight, current body fat percentage, energy requirements, and goals, I will design your custom nutrition coaching program and provide a written hard copy that outlines your specific eating recommendations and reiterates the most important points discussed during your consult.

Laramie Nutrition Coaching Specializing in Weight loss Counseling and Guidance


After receiving your nutrition coaching plan, I will ask you to proceed with the recommendations, and to keep a written journal, accounting for meal frequency, eating times, and whole food quantities of the foods you eat. No calorie counting on your part is needed! I handle the prescribed quantities so you can focus on learning whole food adjustment.

Nutrition Coaching with Matt Hartsky in Laramie Wyoming


The nutrition coaching process will be ongoing, where I will ask you to check-in a minimum of once per week with your food journal, noting any challenges and successes you experienced, and either your body weight or body fat percentage from a 3D spiral scan. I will provide any necessary feedback and any adjustments needed based off of your check-in.

Weightloss Nutrition Coaching in Laramie Wyoming


I will continue working with you on a weekly basis, making adjustments as needed and supporting you on your journey, until you have mastered the Eating On Purpose nutritional philosophy and have met your goals!

Who Should Use Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is included with ALL personal training and online personal training programs.
For all other clients including those in small group fitness classes or those who ONLY want to tackle their nutrition at this time, I offer this separate nutrition coaching add-on option.

It goes without saying, my nutrition therapy is 100% applicable for athletes looking to improve their recovery and performance.

Nutrition Coaching Options

1 Month Nutrition Coaching


Per 1 Month

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Class
  • How to Eat On Purpose
  • 4 Week Custom Nutrition Plan
  • 1 x Week Nutrition Check-In (4)

3 Months Nutrition Coaching


Per 3 Months

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Class
  • How to Eat On Purpose
  • 13 Week Custom Nutrition Plan
  • 1 x Week Nutrition Check-In (13)

Ready for Nutrition Counseling That Teaches you How to Eat on Purpose?

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Nutrition Coaching in Laramie Wyoming with Matt Hartsky at Transforming Strength

Benefits of Professional Nutrition Coaching at Transforming Strength

1. Customized Nutrition Services
Eating On Purpose isn’t a one-size-fits-all nutrition coaching philosophy. While there are countless “diet plans” out there that simply offer generic eating plans, these options almost always fail to consider each individual’s unique needs, exercise background and requirements, and lifestyle factors. In addition, many inexperienced trainers simply tell their clients to abstain from eating certain macro groups, usually carbohydrates, to cut calories. The problem with this haphazard diet advice is that it fails to teach people how to eat in a way that is set up for long term success, including a nutrition plan that provides a balanced supply of nutrients right for his/her body to recover and perform, accomplish specific fitness or weight loss goals or eat in a way that is even realistic for their individual lifestyle. An experienced nutrition coach, on the other hand, builds a customized nutrition program designed around you and based on long-standing and proven science and results.

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2. Nutrition Adjustments

Equally important are the adjustments made by your coach. A qualified nutrition coach will be able to adjust a client’s food intake based on not only body changes or changing goals, but also because of sleep patterns, stress, recovery, energy level, and performance. Nutritional coaching requires a knowledgeable professional who can monitor a client’s progress and makes program changes based on the solid, real-life data collected from the client. Nutrition changes should always be well planned, systematic, and precise for each client’s needs, as opposed to the guessing game many packaged diets and under-qualified trainers offer.

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3. Accountability

Likewise, a sound nutrition plan should include accountability as a cornerstone of success, with the coach setting dates and requiring open communication with the client. Expectations should also be set for following the prescribed plan that has been designed for them. We typically check-in weekly for most programs, with a food journal and spiral body scan results.

4. Meal Planning

By the same token, a qualified trainer will assist the client in formulating healthy meal plans that not only meet their nutritional needs but also fuel their workouts for both performance and recovery. Additionally, as with your coaching at Transforming Strength, the process of meal prepping should be covered in a way that allows the client to feel they can be successful at having clean eating options on hand for their lifestyle. My approach not only accomplishes this but also helps the client to understand the difference between starvation and fueling for a healthy body and how this perception change can make all the difference.

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5. Encouragement

Of course, we all struggle with healthy eating at times. Sometimes it’s a special occasion that derails us and other times we may have simply failed to prepare ahead of time. The bottom line is everyone struggles and will have days when lack of motivation or temptation bumps us off track, but hiring me as your nutrition coach will ensure you are never alone in the process. I will be there to support and encourage you on those tough days and will help you mentally overcome your challenges.

6. Progress Tracking

In a like manner, tracking can be a real drag. When I first started as a personal trainer, I encouraged clients to count calories. We later moved to macros. In both cases, we used every tracking method you can think of. None of them were fun. Most importantly, they didn’t teach my clients much, other than they hated tracking. Nowadays, my clients DO NOT count calories or macros, use any apps or even use a bodyweight scale very often. Instead, I teach whole food adjustment. I know the calorie and macro distribution on my end, but I teach my clients how to eat and make whole food adjustments. Tracking is done with a couple of strokes of the pen in an old-school notebook. Progress is measured by a free body scan tool. When it comes to fitness and diet, simple is quite often better, and I will help you master these simple tools.

7. Nutritional Expertise

Not only is the world of nutrition full of a wide spectrum of opinions, but it is also littered with a ton of misinformation that simply doesn’t work for the person looking to get healthy for the rest of their life. While there are many myths and false information about the what and when of food, I will help you wade through this sea of misinformation. My advice will be based on not only cutting-edge scientific research but also what has produced consistent results for thousands of my clients. Your days of following the trendy pop culture diets are over.

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8. Educational Coaching

Uniquely, I am not here to simply train or tell you what to do or eat. My style models after the teacher/student. I prefer to teach my clients about sound nutrition principles. I don’t want you to need my help forever. The sooner I can get you the knowledge you need to be successful on your own, the better. It is my belief all coaching should be an empowering experience for the client and learning how to deal with food is no different.

9. Eating for Life

Coupled with my coaching style, is my focus on teaching you how to eat for life. This includes evaluating where you are now and then helping you make adjustments to get you to where you want to be. You will have a strategy that takes into account your background, health needs, family and lifestyle demands and fuels you to recover and perform.

Nutrition Coaching in Laramie at Transforming Strength