Personalized Weight Loss Coaching in Laramie

Personalized Weight Loss

Do you want to lose 10 to 50 or more pounds? Are you tired of unsuccessful dieting? Have you reached the end of your rope with cravings? You’ve come to the right place!

Weight loss is a common goal for many, so it is an area of fitness I have specialized in for more than 25 years.


Have you ever tried to starve yourself to lose weight, stopped eating any carbohydrates to cut fat, or attempted to exercise your way to a healthy body without changing your eating habits?

Those methods of weight loss don’t work… or you wouldn’t be here!

Imagine finally being able to lose 10, 25, or 50 pounds! How would it feel to look in the mirror to see the body you’ve wanted for so long? What would it be like to feel empowered and in control of your health? How would your life be different with energy and vitallity?

How would your life be different with personalized coaching?

Weight Loss Coaching in Laramie at Transforming Strength

My Weight Loss Coaching Philosophy

My goal is to help you create your forever body by teaching you how to Eat on Purpose! 

No More:
• Starvation Dieting
• Cutting Out Macronutrients
• Complicated Calorie Counting
• Crazy Cardio
• Feeling Alone in the Process

I will empower you to learn how to fuel your body to improve your energy, reduce cravings, and overcome your challenges with healthy eating!

Shift Your Perspective

Making healthy fat loss changes often requires a change in mindset. This one adjustment to your perspective can make all the difference in building a healthy relationship with food.

Know When to Eat

Learn why focusing on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking isn’t a successful fueling model for your body. This nutrition change will help you balance blood sugar, energy levels and cravings.

Plan & Prepare

There is nothing like having a well designed plan. Learn how to prepare so you can successfully overcome the typical vicious cycle of dieting and gain control of your eating and drinking habits.

Are you ready to make positive health & lifestyle changes?

It’s time to finally lose weight for good, stop the “diet rollercoaster” and eliminate emotional eating by getting to the root of your struggles with nutrition and mindset.

We will work together to help you learn how to:
• Balance carbs, protein, and fat for your body, needs, and goals.
• Help your metabolism to function optimally.
• Balance blood sugar.
• Consider calories and whole food adjustments.
• Replace “food-like” substances with nutritious choices.
• Cut out dairy products negatively impacting your fat and health.
• Increase your water intake to improve all your body’s systems.
• eat to balance and optomize hormone function.
• Know what to eat when traveling or away from home.
• Recover better from activity and exercise.
• Fuel for optimal performance at work, life, and exercise.
• Avoid afternoon energy crashes and food cravings.
• Set SMART goals.
• Own the secret to health & fitness success- consistency!

Weight Loss Services

We can tackle your fat loss challenges through a number of Transforming Strength services:

Personal Training: Designed to help you make progress on your fat loss AND your fitness. Individual coaching happens at your pace, in a private setting, and includes nutrition counseling.

Nutrition Coaching: If you would like to ONLY focus on improving your nutrition for weight-loss at this time, this is the option for you. Available as an in-person or online option.

Fitness Classes: This service is best suited for those who want to improve their fitness in a semi-private small group class, at a much cheaper rate than individua training, and add nutrition coaching as an a la carte option.

Online Training: This coaching option is available for local clients wanting to add more training to their personal training or fitness classes, athletes training for a specifc sport or event, or anyone around the world who would like professional fitness guidance. This service includes options for training only, adding nutrition coaching as a separate option, or all inclusive training and nutrition guidance.