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Reviews for Transforming Strength from My Amazing Clients Say It Best!

“I’ve had the amazing privilege of working as a strength, conditioning and nutrition coach and personal trainer for so many wonderful people over the years. From athletes of all ages and sports, to general fitness clients wanting to lose weight and feel better, and every goal in between, my pages of Personal Training Success Stories and transformations could go on and on, but I’d like to share just a few of my client reviews here, after reading through some please shout with any questions.”
~ Coach Matt Hartsky, CSCS, PES, CPT

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“My fitness journey wasn’t about weight loss, it was about becoming STRONGER!
When I started working out with Matt at Transforming Strength, I was at my lowest strength and conditioning fitness. I had no clue what “healthy” eating or living was. What I love and appreciate about Matt’s training sessions is that every day was DIFFERENT. My body was constantly challenged to build strength. It has been a journey over a few years, however in this last year I really began to see a shift and growth.
Matt asked that we write three goals on the board. Mine were:
1. Increase overall strength/tone
2. Stronger core
3. Overall healthy lifestyle

I can say that my fitness journey isn’t done, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without Matt and Transforming Strength. In the early mornings, he was still positive, even if I wasn’t lifting super heavy. Yet, somehow I always ended up challenging myself to lift more. He only asked that I try and do my best. The small class sizes meant he was able to tell me how to use the correct form to get the most out of my workout.
The person standing on the bridge is a stronger, healthier, and more fit person. You can see the muscle definition in my legs, but what you can’t see is the tone in my abs, arms, shoulders, and back. I know I can and will be ready for every outdoor adventure. Thank you, Matt, for your patience and creating a class that helped me transform my body and life!”

– Review by Madison,
Age 28

“I was tired of spending money at the gym and countless hours at trying to figure out what to do! I wanted a personal trainer to help guide and instruct me. Basically teach me what to do because I was just clueless! I don’t get that one-on-one at my gym. Just then I stumbled onto Transforming Strength. Out of curiosity I decided to look into it further. Not having the strength, time or financial means I took a GIANT leap of faith! This was for MY health! For MY future! For MY family! I’m glad that I did! I love what Transforming Strength is doing for me, it’s exactly what I need! The personalized classes were so awesome that now I’m doing a group fitness class that I love! The people are all wonderful and I look forward to going! I feel so much better physically and THAT in itself is the benefit! The only regret that I have, is not doing this sooner. Now, my personal goal is to be the biggest transformer to come out of Transforming Strength!”

– Review by Lisa,
Age 32

“I could not ask for a better personal training experience than Transforming Strength. I’m just over a month in and am already seeing so much progress, not only physically but mentally as well. I’m confident in my trainer and his experience and knowledge, so I never feel the need to doubt or question what he’s got me doing. I also never feel judged for my weaknesses. Instead, I feel encouraged and supported. I leave each session feeling accomplished, proud, and looking forward to the next! I’m grateful to Transforming Strength for helping me to take the much needed steps to changing my life.”

– Review by Nathan,
Age 28

“I have truly enjoyed my Transforming Strength experience over the last 10 weeks. I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Transforming Strength – other than they are amazing trainers and human beings! They truly care about their customers and work very hard to make sure that everyone is successful! The knowledge and education that these two have blows my mind – they have an educated answer for everything!! I am grateful for how far I have come from doing the strength classes two days a week! I love the small class sizes and the fact that this allows for more one on one attention and help when needed. Overall, I just love being a Transformer!”

– Review by Amy,
Age 37

“Transforming Strength provides everyone with challenging workouts. Each person trains at their own level. The small group setting allows us to support each other while working to achieve our own personal best. I really enjoy this setting. I’m pleased with the results that I’m seeing in myself and in others. Matt knows his business.”

– Review by Eric,
Age 50

“I started day one with Matt and it just keeps getting better. His level of understanding both training and nutrition is phenomenal. The best part is small group training! I started with an injury, I never felt like a pain or silly when I could not do a specific exercise and needed a modification and because it is a small group I’m not pulling trainers focus from rest of the group. Workouts are beyond challenging at times but well worth the results! Love these guys and the changes I’m seeing. Amazing & supportive atmosphere… I would recommend this gym with a 5+ star rating!”

– Review by Heather,
Age 51

“Matt is a great fit! I have had the opportunity to work out with Matt Hartsky. I can’t say enough about this experience. The greatest thing about working with Matt is that he is very welcoming. He was able to work around old injuries and help get me back on track with my fitness. Bottom line, Matt Hartsky is well worth it, and I recommend him 100%!”

– Review by Matthew,
Age 39

“Matt Hartsky is a Professional Trainer who practices what he “preaches”! In addition to his impressive credentials, he doesn’t ask his clients to do anything he hasn’t done himself. He will customize your work outs and your nutrition…no ”one size fits all” training. I worked with Matt 8 years ago in a gym setting, gained back 30 of the 40 lbs. I had lost , and just finished his 12 week on-line training regimen. I’m 20 lbs lighter and on my way to my goal. He will motivate you, encourage you, and walk ( or run) by your side until you have reached your goals!”

– Review by Jeralyn,
Age 58

“I joined Transforming Strength twelve weeks ago. I love the small class size because it allows the trainers to give personal attention to each of us. I was intimidated by some of the other offerings in town because of the large class sizes.”

– Review by Cara,
Age 36

“I started using Matt Hartsky last fall because I wanted a program that would hold me accountable, unlike other gyms where I’d talk myself out of going quite often. Matt was the accountability piece I needed. I gained not only physical strength but mental strength as well. Safety is always top priority and even though you are pushed to do more, you learn the proper way to do things. When I get done with a workout I’m tired, my muscles hurt and I can’t breathe, but I know I’ve accomplished more than I could yesterday. Matt pushes you to be better than yesterday both physically and mentally and that’s what I need to keep going.”

– Review by Amy,
Age 36

“I’m ten weeks into my experience with Transforming Strength. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. Matt has helped me work past self-imposed limits which has given me confidence to make changes in my eating and physical activity. I’m now doing things physically I thought were beyond my capabilities as a 53-year old man who’s been significantly overweight for too many years. And I’m losing weight at a healthy rate. All of this has translated into being able to do things in real life I couldn’t do before. Transforming Strength is a life changer for me and I’m thankful for their attentive, safe, and effective approach to fitness and nutrition.”

– Review by Fred,
Age 58

“Whenever I talk about my journey I get very emotional. Two years ago I was a very unhappy person. I was tired all of the time, had no energy, grumpy, emotional and had no confidence. I was about 40 pounds over weight. Wherever I went I walked with my head down. I would try to act confident, but on the inside I wasn’t. One morning I woke up and decided that day I needed to make some changes. I didn’t like how I was feeling or how I had let myself go over the years. The road I was heading down I didn’t want to be on any more. I needed to make some changes so that I would be here for my beautiful daughter and my husband.
I am 41 years old and have never really worked out before. I would try things for a week or two and get bored or just give up. I fully believe that things happen for a reason. One day, I heard about Matt Hartsky. That day was life changing for me. I signed up and have never looked back. It is one of the hardest things in my life that I have ever done, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The confidence and the pride I feel after a workout is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
I really feel that Matt gave me my life back!!! Not only am I the healthiest that I have EVER been in my entire life. I am proud of myself, which is something I have never been. My daughter came to me and said, “I am so proud to have a mom that takes care of herself and I love that you are my mom.” It made me realize that I am setting an example for her and showing her that it is okay for women to workout and be strong. I am Healthy, confident, and strong.
Matt is someone I want in my corner. The support he gives not only during workouts, but also answering every day questions and help with nutrition—that is priceless. Thanks to Matt, I have the confidence to control MY LIFE and I don’t worry about what other people think. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do for me.”

– Review by Heather,
Age 41

“Working with Matt has been a real pain… and a pleasure. He seems to have the knack of doling out a workout with just the right mix of pain, sweat, laughter and knowledge—all delivered with a devilish grin. Its not weight loss and fitness made “easy”—just success!”

– Review by Meryl,
Age 53

“I am a mom of two with a full time job so finding time to effectively work out everyday was a struggle. I joined Matt’s program after I found myself in a monotonous, boring exercise routine that was no longer providing the results I wanted. The fact that classes were offered throughout the day, including early in the morning was a huge reason I had to give Matt a try. The combination of boot camp and strength training classes was just what I needed to get excited about working out again, which lead to positive results in my overall appearance and confidence. The super friendly, down to earth coaching encourages me to get the most out of every workout without compromising my health and safety. This friendly, safe environment, along with the fact that no two workouts are ever the same, is why I continue to train with Matt!”

– Review by Bess,
Age 32

“I have been working with Matt for well over a year and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I have never in 52 years felt stronger or healthier. It is very evident that the results are also noticeable to others who ask, “What did you do?” Fortunately, results are both pounds lost, body fat percentage decrease, muscle gain, in addition to a better self-image. Never in the years before I started training with Matt did I ever think I would be fit enough to run the Bolder Boulder.
I have found Matt to be a very knowledgeable trainer and his energy and enthusiasm motivates me to push past my perceived limit to get results. He pays special attention to form and all aspects of the training sessions to prevent injuries. He is very conscientious about monitoring the workout and my well-being.
I would and have recommended Matt to anyone who is serious about working out.
No, it is not easy, but this is the best investment I have ever made.”

– Review by Deb,
Age 52

“I had the body that needed some firming and trimming. I had the desire to get back some of the shape that I used to have. I had the self-discipline to do the work, (if I only knew how). BUT… I needed some help and accountability to get back into a healthier lifestyle and attain some personal goals. I signed up with Matt, and was able to attain my stated goals: Tone, Firm and Lose 30lbs.
Matt guided and instructed me in my workout, diet and schedule. After getting my body back, I have been able to maintain my hard earned results because I have established some lifestyle changes. I am aware of the habits that got me into the shape that I didn’t enjoy, and now, I also have some established habits that help me keep the weight and condition levels that I now enjoy.
Thanks Matt for your help, guidance, and patient leadership that has made it possible for me to attain my goals.”

– Review by Ted,
Age 59

“After a knee injury and some major life changes, I found myself unable to run. Running was one of my passions and it was a very difficult time physically and emotionally. I felt unhealthy and out of shape. I gained twenty pounds and was trying to accept the fact that my running days were over. I met with Matt and we discussed my goals: to lose the extra weight, get in shape and feel fit and begin running again. After working out with Matt, I have met all these goals and I am planning to run some of my favorite half-marathons in the spring. I feel better than I have felt in years. Training with Matt has been one of the best decisions that I have made to improve my overall health.”

– Review by Suzanne,
Age 53

“I quit smoking about 3 years ago and promptly gained around 20 lbs in about 3 months. I was never one for watching what I ate, or exercising regularly. I would try various things, and abandon them in a couple months. Friends had all sorts of helpful advice, protein suggestions, metabolism pills, DVDs, appetite suppressors, not eating high fructose corn syrup, things like that. A friend invited me to try Matt Hartsky and join with her in September of 2013. Matt gave us a heck of a deal. After one month, I thought, this isn’t for me and I bailed… for about a year. In the interim, I took metabolism pills, did a shake regimen and jumped around in my basement to Shaun T., which was all well and good, but truthfully there really is so much jumping around in a basement I can do and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After another few months of unused gym memberships I returned to Matt in August of 2014.
I’d say it took about 2 to 3 months before I stopped trying to talk myself out of it. I was sore, and miserable and couldn’t walk or lift my arms but I kept going, mostly to prove to myself that I could. I started getting compliments, I started wearing my old clothes. Just last week I wore a dress I purchased shortly before quitting smoking. People swear I have purchased a whole new wardrobe. I ran a 5k a month ago (ok, I walked about 40 ft, feet of it, but still) when I haven’t even attempted a 5k in at least 3 years’ time. I’m not a runner.
I’m rounding out my year anniversary and this is what I have learned that works for me: 1. Ball slams are great for reducing stress. 2. I can’t mute Matt and keep jumping around. 3. It’s different everyday, which keeps it interesting.”

– Review by Becky,
Age 35

“About a year ago I asked a friend to join me training with Matt to see what we thought… honestly, I was intimidated to go in alone! A year later, I have never felt stronger or healthier. Matt makes each workout challenging and different. He places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.
I always look forward to my training sessions with Matt. He is always professional: his knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and his ability to develop my weak areas are appreciated. He always keeps up with the latest news in nutrition and supplements, and has always made his program work for me as I travel a lot.
Working out with Matt has made me more conscious of how I treat my body. I have incorporated a much healthier, low fat diet into my lifestyle. His workouts have given my body more definition than I have ever had and I feel so much better about myself. I will continue to work out with him because when I do, I know I am in good hands with a total professional.”

– Review by Heidi,
Age 47

“Originally, I wanted my wife to train with Matt, but the only way that she would agree is if I also signed up. I thought that I was in decent shape I could bench-press 435lbs and squat around 500 lbs. To my amazement after the first session with Matt, I realized that I was in poor shape. By the second session, I was feeling muscles that I did not even know I had. At the end of 20 weeks of training with Matt, I had lost weight, felt better and had a lot more energy. Also, Matt taught me different ways to become stronger. In the process of training with Matt, I gained a lot of knowledge about becoming more fit, a great training partner, and an awesome friend!!!”

– Review by Tom,
Age 40

“Life changing… that is the best way to describe my time with Matt Hartsky. Not only did he transform my body and fitness level, but my attitude, self esteem, outlook on life… you name it! He was not only a personal trainer, but also a life coach. I thank him every day.”

– Review by Kim,
Age 46

“I have worked with Matt for several years and have been extremely satisfied with his training program. Matt is always very professional and never intimidates you or demeans you in any way. He always takes my goals and needs into account and carefully monitors the work that we do. Since working with Matt, I have lost 40 pounds, have more energy and feel great. I have recommended Matt to my family and friends.”

– Review by Bob,
Age 34

“Before age 30 I really didn’t feel I needed exercise. I was happy with my body… not thin, not overweight. Soon, being a wife, mother of three and running a full time business was taking its toll. My body was clearly making changes and it was more difficult to feel comfortable in my clothes and feel confident.
A little over a year ago, three days a week turned into 5, 5 turned into 6. Soon, I was even exercising extra outside of classes and doing personal training! It has become my hobby!
Matt has helped me reach goals I didn’t know I even wanted or needed. It’s a great feeling to have a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to attending classes and personal training with Matt. He encourages me to move closer to and work harder towards my goals!
Be committed, hold yourself to a higher standard and Matt will help you see results!”

– Review by Elizabeth,
Age 34

“There are not enough good things that I can say about Matt Hartsky. He has changed my life completely for the better and added more years to my life. Since having all my children, time just seemed to get away where I couldn’t take care of myself. I have tried just about every diet you can think of. I needed a miracle and that’s where Matt comes in. I have lost a total of 71 pounds since working with Matt- never in my wildest dreams did I think I could loose that much weight.
When I’m ready to give up there is Matt in my corner with positive talk and the motivation that I need to keep on going. My safety is always his first priority and he will never risk me getting injured.
I disliked running in my younger days but now there is nothing that could stop me from doing it everyday. I wanted to improve my time in the Bolder Boulder from a previous time and Matt helped me take off 25 minutes back in May of 2008. Since then I have done several 10k’s, 5k’s and a half marathon and I am now training with Matt for the Denver Marathon in October. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of running 6 miles let alone 26. Each time I have been in a race I have bettered my time considerably and loved every single moment. My daughter Alexis will be starting with Matt, and I could not imagine a better person to work with my daughter.
Matt Hartsky has been the best thing that could happen to health and fitness. The lessons I have gotten from Matt Hartsky will follow me for the rest of my life for better living. If you are ready to take on the challenge of better health, Matt is the man to call.”

– Review by Alma B.,
Age 37

“Training with Matt has been the best decision, regarding my fitness goals, I’ve made in a long time. I started the first of the year and not because of a New Year’s Resolution but because of my family. I owe it to myself to be the best I can be… but I owe it to my husband and daughter as well. I want to be able to keep up with my family and Matt is my answer. Working out 3 mornings a week makes for a better week… I have more energy and pep in my step. I walk taller and feel better than before I started workout with Matt. I’ve tried other workout programs, in Laramie, by far this is the best atmosphere and training I’ve received. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and can modify exercises to fit your needs and still achieve success! I AM BETTER THAN YESTERDAY…and will continue to improve because I train with Matt!”

– Review by Kim,
Age 39

“Confidence – in a word, that is what training with Matt Hartsky has given me. Matt’s expertise is evident, but his real talent is working with sensitivity, considering each person’s capabilities and emotions, helping you reach beyond your expectations. Before I knew it, with Matt’s encouragement, I was hooked on exercise and now have a healthy, active lifestyle.”

– Review by Candace,
Age 42

“Both boot camps and small group classes have both been great programs and imperative experiences toward meeting my fitness goals. Over the past 6 months, I’ve experienced significant improvement with core balance and stability and muscular development. Matt is a very sincere and professional trainer, who I will continue working with.”

– Review by Kelly,
Age 28

“I have been working with Matt Hartsky for about 5 months for 1-2 times per week as our schedules permitted. My goal was to gain strength, stamina, conditioning, and overall improvement for a healthy life style. I also wanted to address weak bones and high cholesterol level. I have always put everything else before a regularly scheduled time for working out. I am beginning to look forward to my time with Matt, and now place a high priority on going to the gym. I am somewhat competitive and am pleased when I can do all the routines that 20-30 year my juniors are doing. I believe Matt is tops in his field and that our community is fortunate to have him as a personal trainer.”

– Review by Alma M.,
Age 71

“I started training with Matt, last September, and learned I was capable of more. I thought I knew how to push myself and train smart. However I was educated about diet, strength training, and mental stamina over the course of boot camp. I met a wonderful group of individuals who were supportive, passionate and dedicated about their bodies and minds. While I enjoyed boot camp, I transitioned to personal training to facilitate my goal of completing an ultra marathon. The individual training and support I received from Matt was nothing less than superior. Any questions I had were answered in-depth and without judgment. Every area of my body was expended to its fullest, so I knew what heavy legs and soreness was all about. When I got to the race I believed in my training and endured the natural highs and oxygen deprivation, which I was prepared for. I came away from my ultra feeling empowered and enlightened. I started with Matt hoping to better myself, I keep returning because I want to know what more I’m capable of.”

– Review by Leah

“I was introduced to Matt Hartsky to see if I could tone up and feel better. He made sure I had a letter from my doctor before I started. When Matt works with you, he makes sure you do the exercises right. Before I started with Matt, I could hardly walk up a flight of 21 stairs without getting so out of breath that I wanted to quit. But Matt encourages you every step of the way. I have lost two pants sizes and I am so much stronger and feel so much better than I did before. I look forward to exercising and I have Matt to thank for that. Age is just a number!”

– Review by Darlene,
Age 78

“I am a known quitter of all fitness routines that I have
tried in the past. I have been pleasantly surprised at my desire to keep coming back to Matt. Just the right amount of difficulty, variety, push and motivation to keep me doing my best. I have had some pretty awesome results. Looking forward to seeing what I can continue to do with the help from Matt.”

– Review by Anne,
Age 30

“On February 28, 2008, I began my training with Matt Hartsky, overweight and very unhappy with myself. Thanks to Matt and his positive encouragement and wonderful attitude, I have lost 2 sizes and 25 pounds. This has been one of the hardest but one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever done. I try to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and have never felt better. My final goal is to lose 40 lbs and I know with Matt’s help, I will reach it.
Matt, thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”

– Review by Connie,
Age 51

“I started working with Matt when I hit a plateau working on my own. I needed someone to shake things up. For me Matt was more than a fitness coach – he pushed me harder than I ever pushed myself. This made me a stronger person mentally as well as physically! He was always able to quickly adapt a workout when needed based on how I felt physically. Time and money very well spent!”

– Review by Chris,
Age 38

“When I started working with Matt Hartsky I had already been working out for several weeks without seeing any results. Even though I was at the gym, I lacked the skills and knowledge to properly lose weight and get fit.
My time with Matt as my trainer has taught me skills and discipline that I previously lacked and had hindered my weight loss. He has encouraged me every step of the way and has helped me find the drive within myself to succeed!
I have reached my 30 pound weight loss goal! I know that Matt has been my supporter and inspirer through this process and that he really wants his clients to succeed.
I highly recommend him!”

– Review by Jeri,
Age 36

“I have been working out with Matt for over 2 years. I joined because I was having issues with lifting and other workouts due to a backcountry snowboard injury. The Boot Camps were a safe, fun, and energized environment surrounded by supportive individuals with a wide variety of fitness goals. Workouts were always challenging and easily adjusted to your abilities. Matt knows how to safely push you to your limits. I have since moved into personal training to focus more on my personal goals; strength and endurance for my wide variety of interests. One–on–one workouts have been tailored to both avoid stressing my previous injuries while also making me stronger to overcome my injuries from the past. Since starting with Matt, I have not only improved my endurance and speed, but I have also improved my half–marathon and mountain bike race results. Overall, I have never felt stronger or healthier. I am in the best overall shape of my life and I owe it to Matt for his support and kick–butt workouts. Thanks Matt!”

– Review by Jenn,
Age 35

“Over the course of the 2007 NJC Volleyball Season, with the help of Matt and his workouts, I increased my squat maximum from 175 lbs. to 340 lbs. I also added 2 inches to my vertical.
Thanks so much for everything Matt. You are a huge reason why I had the success I did this volleyball season.”

– Review by Addi Radke,
#2 NJC Volleyball 2007

“Following an unsuccessful search for a gym, I wound up with Matt Hartsky. I explained to Matt that just two years prior, I had undergone my second back surgery and that my goals were overall fitness and strength with safety at the forefront, something I was unable to find at any other gym in town. Within minutes of speaking to Matt I knew I had found a new gym to call home. That same week I began my first boot camp and within a month I added personal training as well. This has continued for over a year now and the results are amazing! With personalized nutrition and training plans, my overall strength and health is better than it has ever been. Matt’s experience and personal training techniques have allowed me to safely push my body beyond anything I had ever imagined it was capable of, even after two spine fusions. Overall, my back feels better, my strength continues to increase, and my health is great. I could not have achieved, and exceeded, my goals with out the help and expertise of Matt.”

– Review by Ryan,
Age 34

“Several years ago I would have never paid someone to tell me how to exercise. After some personal health issues and a second chance, I hired Matt Hartsky to work with me. I truly enjoy Matt’s variety of creative exercises, his knowledge and teaching of the correct way to use the equipment and to complete an exercise, and his quiet way of pushing me past the limits where I would have normally and easily quit. I have and do highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer.”

– Review by Marc,
Age 52

“I have been working out with Matt for over 6 months and have seen great results. Matt Has helped me achieve things I never knew I could. I had pretty much hit a plateau with my workout and wasn’t seeing any results. In training with Matt I have lost over 20 pounds, lowered my cholesterol by fifty points, lost three pants sizes, and am now training to run, not walk, in the Bolder Boulder. Matt is excellent at motivating you to do more than what you think you can. Each workout is different, so you are never bored. He always strives to encourage you to do your best. Matt works together with you to create training that will work best for you!”

– Review by Marilyn,
Age 55

“Matt is very encouraging and never looks down on your efforts. I may not do everything perfect, but he’s always there to keep pushing me towards my goals. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time was to take that first step to contact him. I may have a long ways to go but I can feel myself improving with Matt’s help. And even though my body is screaming after our workouts, I know I am ‘Better Than Yesterday!’”

– Review by Dusty,
Age 38

“I’ve been working with Matt for 5 months and have seen positive results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Matt is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His friendly and outgoing personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative, and motivates me to push past my perceived limit to get results. I have increased my energy level, strength, and stamina. My balance and flexibility have improved and I have lost weight and inches! If you are serious about changing your health and fitness for the better, Matt can help you achieve YOUR personal best!”

– Review by Debbie,
Age 51

“I have been working with Matt three times per week for over a year. While I take a little of the credit, I owe a lot to Matt’s approach to training. He has high energy and positive, knows when to push, but never criticizes.
Matt has never failed to offer me encouragement at every turn, to instruct me in proper techniques so I don’t hurt myself, and help me to stay focused on my goals. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to my success.
His balanced approach to coaching keeps me motivated with varied workouts that are both challenging and fun. I’ve seen such an improvement in my overall strength and stamina. With Matt’s continued quality support, my achievements continue to far exceed my expectations.”

– Review by Ashley,
Age 24

“Matt Hartsky has taken me to new levels with my training. He is truly one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He knows how and when you need to be pushed. He cares and has helped me learn to love the gym and change my body.”

– Review by Whitney,
Age 25

“Matt has a passion and knowledge for all aspects of exercise, training, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Matt trained me for my first marathon and his enthusiasm he has for the sport showed in everything he does. He draws from a wealth of personal experience to provide individualized training plans and advice. Matt’s training program was exactly what I needed. It kept me focused, motivated, and the program wasn’t overwhelming. Matt took into account my current health and fitness levels, time frame, and lifestyle to create a personalized training program that worked for me.”

– Review by Jenny,
Age 31

“Matt, I want to sincerely thank you for getting me started on an exercise program. You have motivated me to change some things about myself. I do feel good about what I have accomplished and I could not have done it without your guidance. Health wise, I feel so much better and for whatever reason, I do not like to miss a workout. A year ago, I didn’t work out at all and today I hit the gym at least five days a week. I don’t know how you do it, but you seem to get the most out of your clients. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Review by Shawna,
Age 47

“I have been working with Matt since November of 2008. The training I have done has been so rewarding. I have never felt so much pain, joy, and satisfaction – in all of this. My goal coming into this was to be able to run the Bolder Boulder. I will be running this in May! I am now stronger, self confident and feel better then I ever have. When I started I could hardly do 1 pull up. Well a few weeks ago I did 100. It took me awhile and with a little assistance, but I did it. Matt is always positive and cares so much about his clients. He will push you as hard as you want to be pushed. I have had a few injuries through this (not from Matt) and he has always looked out for me and my injuries. I am glad I had Matt training me through this. He is always positive and never puts you down. Matt makes sure you keep going no matter what. Thank you Matt for all the hard work you have put me through. I will keep smiling through it all!”

– Review by Krista,
Age 33

“Matt Hartsky’s training programs have really helped me run successfully in races from 5K’s to Marathons. I didn’t begin running until I was 40 years of age. At 43 I decided to enter my first 5K race. I asked Matt to create a program for me that would help me finish the race successfully. Successfully, to me at that point, meant not finishing last. With Matt’s help, I not only wasn’t the last one in that race, but I placed second in my age group. After several more 5K races, I decided to try a 10K and once again asked Matt to develop a program for me. This time I finished first in my age group. Finally, in 1999 I wanted to try a marathon. Once again, Matt created a training program for me. With his help and encouragement, at the age of 46, I finished the Montana Marathon in Billings, Montana, first in my age group. Since then, I have successfully completed two more marathons, finishing in the top five of the age group both times. Thanks to Matt’s training programs I was not only successful, but I was able to run injury free. I would highly recommend Matt Hartsky as a trainer for anyone with athletic goals in mind, or someone who is just looking to to improve their physical fitness.”

– Review by Sandy,
Age 63

“Matt Hartsky successfully trained me through my very first marathon, Sept 2005. The schedule Matt provided was realistic and made it possible for me to fit training in with my busy work schedule. Matt’s positive and motivational training enabled me to reach one of my life-time goals of finishing a marathon! His in-depth knowledge and background was an integral part to my success. Ultimately, it depends on YOU to reach your goals, but with Matt Hartsky’s training, it becomes reality!!”

– Review by Esther,
Age 39 – National Champion, All-American, Ultra Marathoner

“Matt has taken our team to the next level strength and conditioning wise. We are reaching new heights, literally. We have a couple of players who have increased their vertical by over three inches and some of our athletes’ squat maximums have doubled. The amazing thing is that this increase happened during our season and not during our off season workouts. It is truly amazing.”

– Review by Marci Henry,
Athletic Director – Northeastern

“Matt Hartsky is one of the biggest keys to the success of our program. Not only do our players get stronger through weight training, but they are also trained in the use of core muscles and flexibility, which is commonly overlooked in the training of athletes. The difference in our athletes from the time they step on campus to the time they leave, is visible in the way they look and perform.
Having a strength and conditioning coach who has a personal concern for the success for each individual athlete as Matt does is a definite intangible for our program. He takes the time to make sure that each athlete is getting what they need for their individual success. Any opportunity athletes get to participate in training such as this, should jump on it and results will be evident. His work is a huge part of our 2009 Region 9 Championship!!! Thanks Matt!”

– Review by Bryan Shepherd,
Head Baseball Coach – Northeastern