Healthy Recipes Approved by Transforming Strength

Transforming Strength Healthy Recipes

The healthy recipes posted here are approved by Transforming Strength, nutritionally dense, minimally processed and align well with Personal Trainer Matt Hartsky’s 25+ years of experience coaching thousands of people to lose body fat, gain muscle, sleep better, recover from training, perform well and live a balanced, healthy life. This is known as the Eating On Purpose Nutrition Coaching philosophy, which is extremely important for succes with 
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10 Benefits of Using Healthy Recipes for Home Cooked Meals

There are certainly many health benefits to cooking at home with clean recipes, but despite these facts, busy Americans rarely eat at home together these days. While home-cooked meals are usually appreciated as comforting occasions, many meals are simply eaten outside the home for convenience.
When looking to take control of your health finding a way to make and eat healthier home-cooked meals should also become a priority. Here are several reasons to start using healthy recipes to change your eating habits with home-cooked meals:

1. Whole Food Adjustment
Learning to eat whole foods in the right amounts for your body’s needs is a crucial part of the Eating On Purpose nutrition coaching philosophy I teach at Transforming Strength. While some restaurants use clever marketing to offer large portions of food, thus boosting the perceived value of their “meals,” this encourages people to over-eat. By using healthy recipes to cook at home, you are much more likely to control what and how much you put on your plate.

2. Food Budget
Eating out has become increasingly more expensive. So while it is certainly not your best health option, eating meals from a restaurant is also less than ideal for your budget. When you plan to shop from your list of healthy ingredients to be prepared at home, you will stretch your dollar considerably farther and have healthier, real food options on hand.

3. Healthier Real Food
When you eat out, you are usually at the mercy of the restaurant concerning the quality of the food and cooking styles. When planning to eat home-cooked meals, on the other hand, you are in complete control over buying the best food your budget will allow. This will help you make additional healthy adjustments like avoiding highly processed foods and preservatives, limiting dairy and gluten, and increasing the number of free-range meats and natural products your body craves.

4. Cooking Style
Eating out often leads to eating foods that were cooked in a rush, on high heat, or worse, deep-fried. By switching to eating the majority of your meals from healthy recipes at home, you control the way and extent to which your food is cooked. Not only will using cooking methods like grilling or steaming reduce the number of calories you tend to eat, but also boost the nutritional content of the cooked foods you consume.

5. Education
Another important positive aspect of changing your eating habits is learning more about the foods you consume. When seeking out recipes to cook from home, you will pay attention to the details like your food’s nutrient value, ingredients that not only taste good, but also offer health benefits, and cooking methods that help your food to taste better and offer you more nutritional value.

6. Healthier Family
Arguably the most important benefit of utilizing healthy recipes to eat at home is the impact it can have on your family. If you have children, the sooner you can teach them the value of healthier eating from home, the more likely they will make it part of their permanent lifestyle. In addition, cooking from home will bring the family together, thus promoting the potential for more balanced relationships within your household. Ultimately, cooking healthy recipes from home WILL improve YOUR family’s health.

7. Improved Mental Health
While we are on the subject of improving your family’s health, eating together at home also has the benefit of promoting mental health, especially in children. Eating alone is certainly fine now and then, but recent studies have shown that children who grow up in homes where meals are eaten together with family are less likely to suffer from psychological challenges, perform better in school, and are less likely to take up negative behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or abusing drugs.

8. Control Food Allergies
Eating out at restaurants is oftentimes a concern for those with food allergies. The seriousness of these reactions dictates many precautions be taken with food preparation. When eating out, we are ultimately at the mercy of the restaurant to ensure no costly mistakes are made. When preparing your recipes, on the other hand, you have complete control over the ingredients that go in and what they touch during the preparation and cooking process.

9. Responsible Human
While probably a lesser concern for many, another benefit to eating at home is that you will become a better steward of the planet and more supportive of your community. Folks who cook at home become more in tune with minimizing waste and spoiled food. They also tend to shop more responsibly, buying fewer processed foods. All of these choices have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and pollutants. Most of my clients who embrace utilizing healthy recipes usually end up supporting local farmer’s markets and local co-ops, thus having a positive impact on their community’s health!

10. Eat On Purpose
As a personal trainer and nutrition coach for more than 25 years, the biggest takeaway I could hope for those looking to make healthier eating a permanent lifestyle is the knowledge that they are in control of the impact food has on their life. Food is fuel. By learning to cook at home, you choose the healthiest options for YOU!