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Welcome to the Transforming Strength Podcast hosted on SoundCloud!
If you don’t have time to read all the great fitness and nutrition personal training tips I’ve written articles about, you’re going to love listening to them on this station!

Transforming Strength Personal Training Podcast in Laramie Wyoming

About the Podcast

The Transforming Strength Podcast is a great way to learn more about improving your health, wellness, and performance. I am your podcast host, Coach Matt Hartsky. Since 1996, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about many aspects of fitness, nutrition, strength, conditioning, weight loss, performance training for athletes in dozens of different sports, and much, much more. Over the last 25 years, this knowledge has helped thousands of people who have utilized my fitness training in several locations, online around the world, and through personal training in Laramie, Wyoming.

Just as important to me as passing along the personal training information that has been proven to work best is steering you clear of the high volume of myths and misinformation that plagues the fitness, nutrition, performance, and weight loss industries. While there are many ways to go about getting fit, feeling better, losing weight, and improving performance, there are certainly also many ways that are not safe, efficient, or effective for long-term health. When working with clients through individual coaching or in one of my fitness classes, I aim to provide the safest, most effective and progressive coaching available.

As a life-long athlete and coach for such a long time, I have been fortunate to reach a high level of performance in several sports and attained the highest levels of education in health and sport. Over the years, some of the best learning experiences from me have come from working with top-level and world-class coaches, athletes, and training partners. This experience gives me a unique background as a coach and personal trainer and the ability to successfully work with many goals, backgrounds, limitations, needs, and abilities.

Depending on the Transforming Strength podcast episode you choose, you may learn about a wide variety of topics including:
Fitness & weight loss nutrition
• Breaking through plateaus
• Steering clear of fitness fads & nutrition myths
• Exercises and techniques to avoid injury
• Building a balanced training program
• How to promote better recovery
And endless more valuable finess and nutrition topics!

Regardless of the topic of each episode, I aim to help you get fitter, feel better, and live your best life!
So, pop in your earbuds and pick your episode. Ready… Set… GO FOR IT!