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Transform Your Life with Personal Training in Laramie, Wyoming

Personal Training In Laramie Wyoming

Everyone deserves to live their best life, filled with confidence, powered by a strong healthy body, and bursting with energy!

Are you ready to build a healthy lifestyle to help you live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life?

Would you love to feel empowered and confident with who you are inside and out?

How would it feel to fix your bad back, knee pain, or limited range of motion in your shoulders?

Have you been working on your fitness but feel frustrated with your results?

Are you concerned about not having enough energy to do the things you want to do?

Even the most successful people can struggle to make their health and fitness a priority. If you feel like you could use some support and guidance to push you out of your comfort zone and to build consistency with your workouts and food choices…

…You’ve come to the right place!

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How can I help transform your life with personal training?

Do you struggle with finding time to exercise?

Are you unsure of the right nutrition approach?

Do you feel like you know what to do but have a hard time following through?



 Fitness Training in Laramie WY at Transforming Strength

CUSTOMIZED fitness training designed specifically for you and your busy schedule to minimize your risk of injury & maximize your individual potential!



Nutrition Coaching in Laramie Wyoming

PERSONALIZED nutrition plan designed for your goals & needs to help you Eat On Purpose to fuel your body for faster weight loss & optimal health!



Laramie Fitness Trainer

PRIORITIZED support provided to answer all your questions and ensure you never feel alone in the process. Your program evolves with you!

Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life… Transformed!

Personal training involves much more than kicking your butt with a tough workout. You deserve individual coaching that takes into account the many details of your background, experiences, struggles and goals in order to help you transform physically and mentally. Transforming Strength is about building a relationship that allows you to take control of your health in ways you never thought possible, no matter what your goals or limitations.

Getting To Know You & Your Personal Training Goals

Have you become so busy or focused on other priorities that your health has gotten out of control? Would you like to feel better and get back on track? As your personal trainer, I would love to learn more about your struggles and goals and discuss how I can help you get the results you want and deserve. Every fitness coaching client will beging with a free consultation. Here is how that wellness consult will go:

Personal Trainer in Laramie Wyoming

We will start with a free in-person consultation at my private gym so I can learn more about you. It is called personal training, after all, so I want to know more about YOUR specific background and desires so we can build our relationship based on how I can best help you.

In addition, I need to know more about your experience with training and nutrition so I can better understand the challenges you’ve experienced in the past and make a plan to overcome those in the future.

Likewise, I will ask questions about your lifestyle, nutrition habits and preferences, sleeping patterns, work-life and daily schedule, your stress levels, and any potential limitations like injuries or surgeries.

Similarly, we will discuss any expectations you have of me and I will detail what your coaching experience with me will potentially look like, including my training and workout styles and nutrition coaching philosophy.

Moreover, you will have time to ask ALL of your questions so I can best help you to be comfortable and confident with your decision and investment to hire me as your personal trainer and individual coach. Once you are ready to fully commit to your new health and fitness journey, we will be ready to make it happen, together!

Laramie Personal Training

Training for Life!

We will work together around YOUR schedule to integrate exercise into your daily life. Getting fit and healthy to feel good and look better should happen while working around your lifestyle and goals.

No one exercise or training style should ever come before youre health. I design your workouts to eliminate high risk movements and prescribe exercises that best align with your personal needs and goals.

Become Unstoppable!

I focus on empowering you to take control of your health, fitness, and nutrition. I accomplish this by concentrating on YOU the individual, your background, needs, goals, and ongoing progress that builds you up one day at a time. By taking the time to better understand your needs I can give you the fitness coaching and trainer you need me to be. I have found this kind of training relationship to be a proven confidence builder. Once this foundation has been built, you will become unstoppable in pursuit of your goals.

Private Health & Fitness

Personal fitness training in Laramie at Transforming Strength is unlike any fitness expereience you’ve had in town. You will leave the crowds, judgement, and rushed coaching behind as you enter the world of a fully equipped and PRIVATE fitness center. You could call it an advanced personal training studio, where there are no worries about ego or unwanted attention. Yet, I maintain plenty of clean, top quality equipment, which allows me to provide you with unlimited variety and results driven individual fitness coaching.

Check out some of these results & TRANSFORMATIONS by my clients!

“Working with Matt through personal training was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Whatever your goals are Matt will help you achieve them. He knows his stuff! The service is no less than exceptional. Love the small space atmosphere and honestly, you won’t get this anywhere else in Laramie! This is the real deal when it comes to health and fitness.”

Priscilla, Transforming Strength Client Since 2015

Personal Training Laramie Transforming Strength

“I felt unhealthy and out of shape. I met with Matt and we discussed my goals: to lose the extra weight, get in shape and feel fit, and begin running again. After working out with Matt, I have met all these goals and I now feel better than I have felt in years. Personal Training with Matt has been one of the best decisions that I have made to improve my overall health.”

Suzanne, Transforming Strength Client Since 2013

“Transforming Strength has been one of the best things that have happened to me. Matt has taught me how to push myself towards my health goals and always believed in me. He is an inspiration and I’m proud to say I have trained with him, learned from him and begun to believe in myself. My journey is now my lifestyle because of what I have accomplished through personal training with Matt.”

Colleen, Transforming Strength Client Since 2015

Be sure to check-out several dozen more of my success stories, transformations, and CLIENT REVIEWS

Program Breakdown

Transforming Strength one-on-one coaching members enjoy ongoing training, nutrition guidance, and support to help them increase confidence and self-esteem, boost their fitness, improve their eating habits, work around hectic schedules, and permanently live a healthy, energized and pain free lifestyle.

Fully customized and strategic workout plan  built for your specific needs. I will help you learn to exercise with proven strategies that help you get fitter, get stronger, and get rid of pain.

Complete and detailed nutrition guidance designed to teach you how to eat on purpose to fuel your body for weight loss, to feel better and have more energy. I will get you on the right track by eliminating mis-information & providing you with proven eating tactics.

When you join Transforming Strength, not only will you receive thorough and nearly unlimited support from a highly qualified and experienced coach, but you will also be immersed into an environment focused on building your confidence and self-esteem and giving you all the tools you need to get healthy and thrive!

Transforming Strength Personal Training Rates

“Whenever I talk about my journey I get very emotional. Two years ago I was a very unhappy person. I was tired all of the time, had no energy, grumpy, emotional and had no confidence. I was about 40 pounds over weight. Wherever I went I walked with my head down. I would try to act confident, but on the inside I wasn’t.

One morning I woke up and decided that day I needed to make some changes. I didn’t like how I was feeling or how I had let myself go over the years. The road I was heading down I didn’t want to be on any more. I needed to make some changes so that I would be here for my beautiful daughter and my husband.

I am 41 years old and have never really worked out before. I would try things for a week or two and get bored or just give up. I fully believe that things happen for a reason. One day, I heard about Matt Hartsky. That day was life changing for me. I signed up for personal training and have never looked back. It is one of the hardest things in my life that I have ever done, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The confidence and the pride I feel after a workout is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I really feel that Matt gave me my life back!!! Not only am I the healthiest that I have EVER been in my entire life. I am proud of myself, which is something I have never been. My daughter came to me and said, “I am so proud to have a mom that takes care of herself and I love that you are my mom.” It made me realize that I am setting an example for her and showing her that it is okay for women to workout and be strong. I am Healthy, confident, and strong.

Matt is someone I want in my corner. The support he gives not only during workouts, but also answering every day questions and help with nutrition—that is priceless. Thanks to Matt, I have the confidence to control MY LIFE and I don’t worry about what other people think. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do for me.”

– Review by Heather, Age 41

Transforming Strength Personal Training Rates

Single Training or Nutrition Coaching Sessions = $75

* Discounted rates available for partners.
* Additional costs for off-site coaching.

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