How We Start Personal Training with Fitness & Nutrition in Laramie, Wyoming

How We Start Personal Training with Fitness & Nutrition in Laramie, Wyoming

Fitness and Nutrition in Laramie at Transforming Strength

Personalized Approach to Fitness & Nutrition in Laramie

Meeting with me for your first personal training session can feel a bit stressful and it is completely normal to feel unsure and vulnerable. The good news is those feelings will go away quickly as I work to put your mind at ease by focusing on what you came for… transforming YOU by improving your fitness & nutrition at my gym in Laramie, Wyoming!

Personal Training with Fitness & Nutrition in Laramie

Since everyone who would like to hire me as their personal trainer will meet with me for an initial consultation before starting any fitness or nutrition program, we will already be acquainted and many of your initial questions will have been answered.

On day one, we will spend a few minutes reviewing the initial paperwork I sent home with you. This packet will include a few administrative forms, but most important of these will be your questionnaire that covers four prominent sections: Fitness, Nutrition, General Health and Goals. After ensuring any concerns are addressed from these forms, we will move on to your first workout session.

First Personal Training Session at Transforming Strength in Laramie Wyoming

First Personal Training Session: Fitness Focus

Keep in mind, once we move into the fitness training piece, everyone’s program could look a little different. In general, most client’s will begin each session with a ten minute warmup to get the juices flowing, heart rate engaged and mind focused on the training ahead. Your first workout will be no different and I will get you started by covering all the bases of safe and effective technique for the warm-up activities you will use. After your first session, I may use your warm-up time to also discuss any questions you might have, to include nutrition, while you are warming up.

After finishing your warm-up we will move on to an actual workout I have designed for your first day. In many cases, I will ask you to perform movements that allow me to assess where you are currently at with specific areas of strength, endurance, balance and stability, and mobility. I will also be assessing your technique, learning style, and how you deal with discomfort. The word “assess” can trigger some stress, but don’t worry, as your Coach, I will be “assessing” these areas and many more every single time we meet, to ensure your safety, as well as the effectiveness of each exercise, workout and overall programming. My goal for your first training session is to have you leave feeling successful and hopeful, while having provided me with valuable intel on building the next phase of your training plan.

Second Personal Training Session at Transforming Strength with Nutrition Coaching Focus

Second Personal Training Session: Nutrition Focus

Between your first and second training sessions, I will ask you to keep a food journal, simply logging what, when and how much you are eating. At your second coaching session, I will review your journal while you warm-up. I will then take you through a short training session which builds on the work we did on day one.  This will leave us around thirty minutes to give you an overview of my Eating On Purpose nutrition coaching philosophy, addressing any questions or concerns and referencing you current food journal. I will email you within twenty four hours with a review of this conversation along with my recommendations for your start-up eating plan.

Building on Each Session of Fitness and Nutrition in Laramie Wyoming

Building Upon Each Session: Fitness and Nutrition Focus

All training and nutrition work we do going forward will build off of these two initial days. Training will continue to build from one session to the next, week to week, and month to month, always assessing your recovery, performance and progress and making any needed adjustments accordingly. Nutrition will follow suit as we work from week to week, monitoring your food journal, addressing any challenges and making adjustments as needed based on your hunger, recovery, sleep, performance and body fat/lean mass assessments.

If this process sounds like a journey you’re ready to begin, please reach out with any questions or to schedule your free initial consultation.