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My name is Matt Hartsky, owner of Transforming Strength, and I have been personal training since 1996, with the best education in the fields of strength, conditioning, nutrition, and general fitness.

Personal Training Laramie WY at Transforming Strength

Move Beyond Personal Training with Individual Coaching!

Personal training in Laramie with Transforming Strength is much more of an individual coaching experience! Instead of telling you what to do, I prefer to coach you, make an investment in you, and prioritize your safety, while maximizing your individual potential.

If you’ve been searching for a personal trainer in Laramie, Wyoming who is better described as a COACH, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is what a few of my clients have to say about their experience with my personal training and individual coaching:

Working with Matt was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Whatever your goals are Matt will help you achieve them. He knows his stuff! The service is no less than exceptional. Love the small space atmosphere and honestly, you won’t get this anywhere else in Laramie! This is the real deal when it comes to health and fitness.

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Client Since 2015

I felt unhealthy and out of shape. I met with Matt and we discussed my goals: to lose the extra weight, get in shape and feel fit and begin running again. After working out with Matt, I have met all these goals and I now feel better than I have felt in years. Training with Matt has been one of the best decisions that I have made to improve my overall health.

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Client Since 2013

Transforming Strength was one of the best things that happened to me. Matt has taught me how to push myself towards my health goals and believed in me. He is an inspiration and I’m proud to say I have trained with him, learned from him and began to believe in myself. My journey is now my lifestyle because of what I have accomplished with Matt.

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Client Since 2015

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How Transforming Strength Personal Training Works

Personal Training and Individual Coaching are available for ANY goal, from sport specific strength, conditioning and nutrition for any level of ability, to general well rounded and balanced health and fitness. All Individual Instruction includes complete strength, conditioning and nutrition coaching.

Every Individual Coaching client will begin with the following steps:

Step 1: Getting To Know You & Your Personal Training Goals

1. We start with a free in-person consultation at my private gym so I can learn more about you. It is called personal training, after all, so I want to know more about your specific background and desires so we can build our relationship based on how I can best help you.

2. In addition, I need to know more about your experience with training and nutrition so I can better understand the challenges you’ve experienced in the past and make a plan to overcome those in the future.

3. Likewise, I will ask questions about your lifestyle, nutrition habits and preferences, sleeping patterns, work-life and daily schedule, your stress levels, and any potential limitations like injuries or surgeries.

4. Similarly, we will discuss any expectations you have of me and I will detail what your coaching experience with me will potentially look like, including my training and workout styles and nutrition coaching philosophy.

5. Moreover, you will have time to ask ALL of your questions so I can best help you to be comfortable and confident with your decision and investment to hire me as your personal trainer and individual coach. Once you are ready to fully commit to your new health and fitness journey, we will be ready to make it happen, together!

Step 2: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Support



CUSTOM strength & conditioning designed specifically for you to minimize your risk of injury & maximize your individual potential!



CUSTOM nutrition plan designed for your goals & needs to help you Eat On Purpose to fuel your body for optimal health, recovery & performance!



CUSTOM support provided to answer all your questions and ensure you never feel alone in the process. Your program evolves with you!


Individual Coaching rates are based on the number of times an individual trains per week, per 4 weeks:

1 x Per Week = 4 Sessions/4 Weeks = $200
2 x Per Week = 8 Sessions/4 Weeks = $380
3 x Per Week = 12 Sessions/4 Weeks = $540

* Discounted rates available for partners.
* Additional costs for off-site coaching.

Ready to get started? Contact Coach Today!

Personal Training in Laramie WY

Achieve YOUR Goals with Personal Training!

Personal training options in Laramie are limitless at Transforming Strength! After 25+ years of working with thousands of people around the world, I have the background, education and experience to work with just about every fitness goal out there:

• Learn how to lose weight by Eating On Purpose with healthy recipes or one of my professionally designed weight loss plans.
• Build general strength or access specialized athlete training like running, skiing, biking, or team sports.
• Gain all around better fitness or use me as a source for better accountability.
• Hire me as your online personal trainer or as your physique & figure coach.

I truly believe Transforming Strength has specialized personal training options for any age, any goal, and any BODY!

Check out some of my top personal training tips!

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Your Safety is My Priority

Your safety is my number one priority at Transforming Strength. It doesn’t do you or me any good if you become injured through personal training. 

No one exercise or training style should ever come before youre health. I design your workouts to eliminate high risk movements and prescribe exercises that best align with your personal needs and goals. 

Not only do I have the most highly recognized certifications in the fitness industry, but I also have more than 25 years of professional personal training and fitness coaching experience. This combined education and experience allows me to modify and adjust your training to minimize your risk of injury and keep you as safe as possible while chasing your weight loss or fitness goals!

Personal Fitness Coaching in Laramie

What Makes Transforming Strength Personal Training Different?

I prioritize my client’s safety by focusing on science-based movement patterns combined with exercises proven to produce efficient and effective results. All training will follow a high benefit to low-risk ratio. You won’t find any gimmicks here. You will never repeat the same workout twice and this variety is accomplished without ever introducing an unproven or risky exercise. This has led to an extremely low injury rate while affording us more time to work closer to our goals.

Learn the most important personal training secrets before starting your fitnes journey with me!

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Health Coaching

I cultivate a teaching-learning relationship and environment allowing my clients to learn how to keep themselves safe while exercising. This health coaching style also promotes the client’s opportunity to put more training tools in their fitness toolbox. Ultimately, my goal is for you to know how to train safely and effectively on your own.

Personal Fitness Training in Laramie

Fitness Training For YOU!

Whether through one-on-one instruction or small group fitness classes, I focus on empowering clients to take control of their health, fitness, and nutrition. I accomplish this by concentrating on YOU the individual, your background, needs, goals, and ongoing progress. By taking the time to better understand my clients I can be the personal trainer and coach you need me to be. I have found this kind of training relationship to be a proven confidence builder. Once this foundation has been built, clients become unstoppable in pursuit of their goals.

I have set up this page to be a pretty exhaustive resurce discussing the benefits of private fitness coaching, but for those looking for more, check out my article for 9 Reasons to Use Personal Training to Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Private Personal Training Fitness Center in Laramie Wyoming

Private Personal Fitness

Personal fitness training in Laramie at Transforming Strength is unlike any fitness expereience you’ve had in town. You will leave the crowds and rushed coaching behind as you enter the world of a fully equipped and PRIVATE fitness center. You could call it an advanced personal training studio, where there are no worries about ego, judgement, or unwanted attention. Yet, I maintain plenty of clean, top quality equipment, which allows me to provide you with unlimited variety and results driven personal training and individual fitness coaching.

Partener Personal Training in Laramie WY

Partner Training

Partner Personal Training is offered for my clients who enjoy training with the support of a friend, spouse and/or training partner. This option includes all of the same great fitness coaching features you would experience with one-on-one coaching, but since you and your partner will be training at the same time, it allows you to take advantage of a nice price break (per person for 2-3 people). Other benefits of partner personal training include improved accountability and motivation (it becomes easier to try new kinds of training), someone with an outside perspective, healthy competition, extra support, fun variety during workouts, and you will have someone else to celebrate your success with!

Fitness Coaching at Transforming Strength in Laramie

Fitness Coaching Details That Set Me Apart

Personal training involves much more than kicking your butt with a tough workout. You deserve individual coaching that takes into account the many details of your background, experiences, struggles and goals in order to help you transform physically and mentally. Transforming Strength is about building a relationship that allows you to take control of your health in ways you never thought possible, no matter what your goals or limitations. Here are a few of the key elements I will implement to ensure your success:


Your safety is my number one priority. After minimizing your risk of injury I design programing focused on meeting your goals & helping you reach your individual potential with time tested strategies.


My nutrition guidance is designed to teach you how to eat on purpose to fuel your body. I will get you on the right track by eliminating mis-information & providing you with proven eating tactics.


I treat every training session as an opportunity to help you put more fitness & nutrition tools into your toolbox. Whether I see you for a month or years, I want you to leave with as much knowledge as possible.


When you join Transforming Strength, not only will you receive thorough support from a highly qualified coach, but you will also be immersed into our friendly culture of folks striving to meet goals, just like you.

What Can I Expect From Working With a Fitness Instructor?

Meeting with a personal trainer for your first training session can feel a bit stressul and it is completely normal to feel unsure and vulnerable. The good news is those feelings will go away quickly as I work to put your mind at ease by focusing on what you came for… transforming YOU!

Since everyone who would like to hire me as their personal trainer in Laramie will meet with me for an initital consultation before starting any program, we will already be acquainted and many of your initial questions will have been answered. On day one, we will spend a few minutes reviewing the initial paperwork I sent home with you. This packet will include a few administartive forms, but most importantly will be your questionaire that covers four prominent sections: Fitness, Nutrition, General Health and Goals. After ensuring any concerns are addressed from these forms, we will move on to your warm-up.

Keep in mind, once we move into this training piece, eveyone’s program could look a little different. In general, most client’s will begin each session with a ten minute warmup to get the juices flowing, heart rate engaged and mind focused on the training ahead. Your first workout will be no different and I will get you started by covering all the bases of safe and effective technique for the warm-up activities you will use. After your first session, I may use your warm-up time to also discuss any questions you might have, to include nutrition, while you are warming up.

After finishing your warm-up we will move on to an actual workout I have designed for your first day. In many cases, I will ask you to perform movements that allow me to assess where you are currently at with specific areas of strength, endurance, balance and stability, and mobility. I will also be assesing your technique, learning style, and how you deal with discomfort. The word “assess” can trigger some stress, but don’t worry, as your Coach, I will be “assessing” these areas and many more every single time we meet, to ensure your safety, as well as the effectiveness of each exercise, workout and overall programming. My goal for your first training session is to have you leave feeling successful and hopeful, while having provided me with valuable intel on building the next phase of your training plan.

Between your first and second training sessions, I will ask you to keep a food journal, simply logging what, when and how much you are eating. At your second coaching session, I will review your journal while you warm-up. I will then take you through a short training session which builds on the work we did on day one.  This will leave us around thirty minutes to give you an overview of my Eating On Purpose nutrition coaching philosophy, addressing any questions or concerns and referencing you current food journal. I will email you within twenty four hours with a review of this conversation along with my recommendations for your start-up eating plan.

All training and nutrition work we do going forward will build off of these two initial days. Training will continue to build from one session to the next, week to week, and month to month, always assessing your recovery, performance and progress and making any needed adjustments accordingly. Nutrition will follow suit as we work from week to week, monitoring your food journal, addressing any challenges and making adjustments as needed based on your hunger, recovery, sleep, performance and body fat/lean mass assessments.

If this process sounds like a journey you’re ready to begin, please reach out with any questions or to schedule your free initial consultation.

Advantages of Individual Coaching

Working out can be stressful and sometimes, even scary. It’s awesome to have fitness goals but most folks are unsure of how to best achieve them. In addition, many people run into a common lack of motivation when attempting to get fit alone. A personal trainer can help you overcome your stress, fears, lack of knowledge, and challenges with motivation to help you take your health and wellness to new heights. While hiring a fitness coach may seem overwhelming, it can be a game-changer on your fitness journey. Consider these 10 benefits of hiring me as your individual coach:

1. Safety
Safety should be the number one priority of any coach. Goals come later. Injuries can and will happen from time to time, but they should never be anything more than a minor bump in the road. I have an overall extremely low injury rate, with the vast majority of clients never experiencing an injury that would require them to miss training. Safe personal training happens when you have a coach with a high level of education and many years of experience, who understands YOUR body and its limitations and takes the time to ensure ALL exercises are chosen based on scientific evidence of effectiveness and performed with the best possible technique.

2. Goals
After safety, our next priority is making sure your training is designed to effectively move you closer to your goals. We will start by setting small goals, beginning on day one, and building on each training session. We will also set a goal time frame for accomplishing each goal, discuss what to expect along the way, and make sure we are on the same page with pre-set and realistic expectations for what your progress may look like.

3. Education
Another major component of individual coaching is treating each session as if it were your only one, where I attempt to put as many tools in your toolbox as possible. Whether you train with me for a day, a month, or years, I want to know I gave you everything I could to help you be successful at fitness in the future. This process of education while exercising is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your training and reducing your risk of injury.

4. Motivation
Exercising can be a challenge to fit into your schedule, especially in the beginning when you may feel tired or like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When you hire me as your coach, not only will you feel empowered to stick to your goals, but regularly scheduled sessions will give you the boost you need to get after it. You will know you have me in your corner to push and encourage you, and this can be a rewarding part of the process that helps you build the habit of exercise. Oftentimes, a little support is all we need.

5. Accountability
Accountability is another benefit of having a coach that goes hand-in-hand with motivation. Many of your former excuses like, “I’ll go tomorrow,” or “I’m just too tired,” will get booted out the door because your personal trainer will set you up for success to make sure that kind of thinking is in the past.

6. Personalized Plan
While there is a certain stigma associated with the personality of a personal trainer, you are guaranteed to have a professional and personalized approach at Transforming Strength that is focused on you and your needs and comfort level with coaching. When we have your initial consultation we will cover my coaching style and what you need from me for support. You will also receive a fairly in-depth initial questionnaire to make sure we have everything covered in your health, exercise, and nutrition history, including injuries, to help me design a plan that is best for YOU.

7. Variety
It can certainly be easy to get bored with a training program. Crazy as it may sound, I have never repeated the exact same workout in working with thousands of clients since 1996. I will develop a fitness routine for you with plenty of variety. This may include a wide variety of training tools and styles, but rest assured, no two workouts will ever be the same, making each day fun and educational. In addition, this will help us eliminate plateaus and keep you moving forward and towards your goals. When you’re ready, we will take your fitness to the next level.

8. More Progress
If you’re looking for faster progress, many studies have shown there are more measurable improvements to all levels and areas of health and fitness when these elements are supervised by a qualified coach. As a professional coach for more than 25 years, I have become an expert at finding the balance between keeping you safe and coaching you to find your limits and push through them.

9. Flexibility
Many busy folks find themselves trying to cram more and more into 24 hours, while their health and fitness take a back seat to other priorities. I will do my best to find a training time that fits your schedule so you don’t have to sacrifice working on yourself! My gym schedule begins at 5am with our small group fitness classes and then accommodates individuals and partners for one on one training the rest of the day, so there is a high likelihood we can find something that works for both of us.

10. More Than Training
When you hire me for individual coaching, you will receive so much more than a personal trainer. I’ve always had a dislike for the word “trainer” as it always represented someone who TELLS us what to do; Whereas, a COACH is someone who not only has better credentials but is also invested in teaching you. In this case, I want to help you learn the most up-to-date information about staying safe while getting the most out of your fitness training and learning how to take control of your health, in mind, body, and soul, forever.

More Benefits of Personal Training

Being part of a fitness program at Transforming Strength will provide you with several benefits that influence your progress towards your fitness goals and how fast you start to see results.
Regardless of your initial health status and goals, a fitness program will undoubtedly boost your results and improve your outcomes. Some of the benefits include faster results, tailored advice, time efficiency, and more control over your progress.

Unfortunately, millions of people give up on their fitness dreams after a few non-guided workout sessions; this is understandable since exercising for the first time can be very frustrating, especially for people who have gotten used to a sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, you will see that many athletes work with professionals and join fitness programs to reach their desired physique and fitness as fast and efficiently as possible.

Faster Results
One of the most frustrating aspects of working out is not seeing the expected results. If you are a beginner, this can be very confusing and unsatisfying.

When you join a fitness program at Transforming Strength, as your trainer, I will help you get over this pitfall by:
• Evaluating your current routine and progress.
• Examining your goals to see whether they are realistic.
• Helping you stay motivated to ensure the consistency of your training.
• Pushing you a little harder to challenge your body to change.
• Holding you accountable by setting weekly goals, then crossing them off.
Note that attempting to get faster results will undoubtedly push you to work out harder and achieve your goals. Researchers have found that fast results in the field of fitness are the number one driver of consistency and compliance during exercises. Most importantly, we will speed you along in the safest, most proven ways possible.

Expert Guidance
When you are a beginner, working out with a personal trainer is indispensable to provide you with the guidance you need. At first, you may not realize the complexity of the process; however, just a few training sessions will teach you that there is more to exercise than moving your body in different directions that induces heavy breathing.

Professional personal trainers know a great deal about complete workout routines that consist of cardiovascular training, weight lifting, and mobility exercises. As your trainer and coach, a few of the things you will find in my fitness programs include teaching you the basics of working out; this entails the frequency, intensity, time, and type of workout to perform.

I can also help you navigate the world of fitness by:
• Figuring out how hard to exercise and how to monitor your intensity.
• Showing you the appropriate exercises, weights, reps, and sets.
• Using a wide variety of different tools to optimize your workouts.

Diversity of Exercises
While some people think that joining a fitness class is strictly beneficial for beginners, but it is also possible to reap a myriad of benefits when you are an advanced athlete. No matter whet your fitness level, doing the same workouts over and over can be daunting for everyone, especially those with consistency and compliance issues. Not only is this boring, but it can also precipitate weight loss plateaus, injuries, and burnout. I will help you find limitless vexercise ariety that is also proven effective in getting results.

Additional Reasons to Join a Fitness Program
Get a New Perspective – By joining one of my small group fitness classes, your peers can offer you a fresh set of eyes, which helps you see the world of fitness differently. Adjusting your workout with others can make it more interesting, challenging, and fun. Exercising as part of a fitness program can be a great way to learn new workout routines. In order to become comfortable with performing complex exercises, you will need the guidance of a professional trainer who takes your safety and results personally.

Teach You Targeted Exercises – Learning about a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups is fundamental to enriching your workouts. Whether training with me as an individual or in a small group setting, I will teach you exercises based on science, with a proven history of being safe and effective training tools.

Challenge Yourself – By joining a workout class, you will start looking at your performance and assessing your progress. My classes can offer you plenty of benefits to improve your output and push your body harder to make this progress happen.

Come Up With New Ideas – Transforming Strength health and wellness classes are loaded with different workout routines to meet the needs of everyone. Learning in this environment might just be the missing piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals.

Demonstrate Sound Technique – There is much more to getting fit than random workouts. Learning strong, controlled technique is one of the most important aspects you will benefit from working out with me in a Transforming Stength fitness program. As a result, you will save yourself from injuries that could immobilize you for weeks or more. As your personal trainer and coach, I will ensure that you are doing the exercises with the most correct form using science based technique.

Teach You About the Physiology of the Human Body – Healthy knowledge is the key to a healthy body. As your professional trainer, I am very familiar with the physiology of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. I will teach you about the function of your muscles and how to use that knowledge in your favor to stay safe while training and get the most out of your workouts.

Interested in joining a fitness program at Transforming Strength? I would love the opportunity to accelerate your progress and help you achieve your fitness goals!

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