Laramie Personal Training Success Story Mary Byrnes

Laramie Personal Training Success Story Mary Byrnes

Transforming Strength Personal Training in Laramie WY with Mary Byrnes Review

This week’s “How We Transform” client spot light is on Mary Byrnes who shares her success story about her experience and fitness journey using personal training, small group fitness classes, and nutrition coaching at Transforming Strength in Laramie, Wyoming. Success leaves clues so you aren’t going to want to miss this interview if you’re looking for the tools and strategies needed to help you improve your fitness and nutrition and move closer to your health goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter, feel better, get stronger, recover from injury or perform better, Mary’s personal training success story will give you insight into the types of challenges and struggles she faced and how we worked together to overcome them.

1. What was your fitness like before you started personal training or fitness classes at Transforming Strength?

Generally healthy but unsuccessful at managing weight and developing strength.

2. What problem(s) were you trying to solve with personal training or fitness classes?

Weight management and strength building with an aim of dialing in a sustainable lifestyle of deeper health.

3. Where did you start your search for a personal trainer or fitness class?

A talked to a friend who had been working out at Matt’s — she is a walking advertisement!

4. What made Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes stand out from other options?

You get Matt’s consistent positive philosophy and his ever-increasing depth of knowledge. 5:00 AM classes! Affordability. Excellent gym set up with quality equipment. Most of all, Matt’s vigilant attention to technique and instruction which keeps all of us safe while we gain strength.

5. Were there any obstacles that almost prevented you from starting personal training or fitness classes?

Yes, the fear of not being able to keep up with others — but this was quickly dispelled by Matt’s ability to organize workouts with modifications to meet each member where they are and navigate them to higher success.

6. What features of Transforming Strength sold you on getting started with personal training or fitness classes?

Direct and consistent training by Matt — there are no other instructors. So often fitness/strength classes at gyms I had joined are led by a turnstile of ‘trainers’ without deep experience or structure — this is NOT the case at Transforming Strength. Matt stands head and shoulders above all!

7. How long have you been using Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

Seven (7) years.

8. What has made you the happiest about working with Transforming Strength?

The community/supportive minded spirit of classmates and Matt — it is fun to workout so hard!

9. What have you been able to achieve since you started personal training or fitness classes?

I have lost 20 pounds and maintained my goal weight without tricky ‘diets’ — just mindful eating. I have developed strength and greater confidence in all areas of life — most importantly my strength allows me to be independent and free!

10. What has Transforming Strength done to exceed your expectations?

Provided me the confidence to age with strength, health and independence —- these are very important values to me. I want live a very robust life — full of wonder, adventure and grace — Matt provides the platform of strength and health to support all I do.

11. What’s the main reason you recommend Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

Transforming Strength delivers a path forward for greater health, strength and confidence. Matt takes you from your starting point/condition and with your personal commitment and work — you’ll be navigated to great success and transformational results that were not even imagined!

12. What surprised you the most about personal training or fitness classes at Transforming Strength?

Well, in perspective – how little time is required to stay fit and strong. Basically, with purposeful eating and commitment to physical movement, 2 hours per week in class and 2 hours of food preparation per week — is all it takes — but this must be consistent behavior. The investment of 4 hours per week for a higher level of health is a no-brainer!

13. What advice would you give someone who’s considering Transforming Strength for personal training or fitness classes?

You will discover a truly service driven master of transformation in Matt. He listens to you and with your commitment, he will guide you to your goals.

14. Has there been anything Transforming Strength could have done differently?


15. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about Transforming Strength personal training or fitness classes?

Matt delivers — this is the best investment I make each month and is vital to my health, happiness and freedom!