About Coach Matt Hartsky

Who is Coach Matt Hartsky?

“Hello! My name is “Coach” Matt Hartsky and I am honored that with the vast number of fitness experts in the world, you have taken the time to read about me.
I have spent most of my life trying to transform in one way or another. It started as a passion to transform into a better athlete. It became about transforming into a better man… husband, father, friend. In my work life, I have chased the idea of transforming into a better leader and a top level coach. As a coach, a huge part of who I am is about transforming people… physically, mentally, emotionally… into the best versions of themselves.”

Coach Matt Hartsky Certified Personal Trainer in Laramie

Coach Matt Hartsky, CSCS, PES, Certified Personal Trainer in Laramie, Wyoming

My fitness journey wasn’t about weight loss, it was about becoming STRONGER! When I started working out with Matt, I was at my lowest strength and conditioning fitness. I had no clue what “healthy” eating or living was. Thank you, Matt, for your patience and creating a class that helped me transform my body and life!

Matt Hartsky Laramie Personal Trainer


If you are looking for a training environment that is motivating and supportive check out Transforming Strength. Matt Hartsky welcomes all, and treats everyone with consideration and respect, knowing the first steps are often the most challenging. His coaching style is what truly separates him from all other trainers.

Coach and Personal Trainer Matt Hartsky Health and Wellness Trainer in Laramie


Since starting with Matt, I have not only improved my endurance and speed, but I have also improved my half–marathon running and mountain bike race results. Overall, I have never felt stronger or healthier. I am in the best overall shape of my life and I owe it to Matt for his support and kick–butt workouts. Thanks Matt!

Laramie Mountain Bike Coach Strength & Conditioning Matt Hartsky


My Coaching Philosophy:

As a life-long athlete & professional coach for more than 25 years, I am passionate about helping anyone who is ready to commit to making positive health and fitness changes! As such, my two pronged coaching philosophy allows me to provide every client with the tools needed to reach their full potential:

Minimize Risk of Injury

Client safety is my top priority, so I minimize risk of injury by carefully selecting low risk, high benefit movements, planning balanced programming, and implementing the most advanced exercise and training techniques.

Maximize Individual Potential

Helping clients to reach beyond what they think is possible is the driving force behind my coaching passion. Above all, I use proven strategies to create periodized programs that balance stress and recovery to build clients toward their goals.

Personal Trainer Laramie Strength Coach Matt Hartsky

Coach Matt Hartsky Changes Lives

“As a professional coach since 1996, I have helped thousands of people transform towards better health and fitness. For instance, I have coached countless athletes to perform better. Similarly, I have helped a woman lose more than 200 pounds. In addition, I have helped people with a multitude of illnesses including cancer, MS, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis and have helped clients recover from heart attacks and strokes. I have also helped many older adults recover from major surgeries, including back, knee, shoulder, and hip. And, I have even helped to prevent some of those same surguries from taking place. Moreover, I have helped many, many more lose fat, gain muscle, and change their lives forever.”

Laramie Personal Training with Matt Hartsky, CSCS

I am completely committed to coaching people closer to their goals through purposeful training with functional strength, strategical conditioning and proven nutrition. Every client I coach, every article I write, and every video I film: I am here to help you make your life better.
Be sure to check out a few of my Transforming Strength Reviews and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.”
Matt Hartsky, CSCS, Owner & Coach of Transforming Strength

Matt Hartsky, CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Laramie, Wyoming

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Matt Hartsky, PES Performance Enhancement Specialist

Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer Matt Hartsky AFAA

Certified Personal Trainer

Matt Hartsky, FNC Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach